Derek Larkin

Chief Executive Officer

With over 20 years of experience spanning the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, Derek is a dynamic executive celebrated for visionary leadership and unmatched drive. Derek’s expertise combines extensive management background with entrepreneurial insight, resulting in the successful positioning of organizations for remarkable top and bottom-line growth. 

Derek’s core competencies lie in strategic decision-making and fiscal stewardship, evident through his adeptness in strategic planning, multi-site operations, and effective P&L management. Derek has excelled in managed care, mergers, acquisitions, and contract negotiations, consistently driving physician engagement and strategic alliances. 

Prior to joining TFP, Derek orchestrated significant expansions and growth trajectories throughout his career. As CEO of First Fertility, Derek oversaw the expansion of First Fertility from 10 to 32 centers in 11 states. His visionary leadership propelled innovative growth strategies and operational excellence, including developing an integrated platform supporting payroll, HR, IT, Marketing, Finance, RCM, Strategic Planning and Operations. 

During Derek’s tenure as CEO of Boston IVF, the largest IVF company in the U.S., Derek led six full-service IVF centers, multi-specialty ASCs, and a team of 500 employees.  

Derek consistently leveraged his operational expertise, strategic vision, and unwavering commitment to fertility excellence and patient care to drive growth, success, and innovation.