Join a Best-in-Class Network
of Leading Fertility Practices

Since our 2019 founding, our network has expanded to include top fertility practices operating 14 IVF centers across 36 locations in Canada and the United States.  

The Fertility Partners is continually expanding, focused on acquiring best-in-class IVF laboratories and partnering with leading fertility practitioners who share our values and collaborative approach to advancing our field. 

Partners and their teams enjoy many benefits:

  • Collaborative R&D opportunities

  • Professional and personal development support

  • Investment in new technology and tools

  • Streamlined workflows and processes

What Our Partners Say

As a team of medical professionals and practitioners dedicated to improving outcomes, working with individuals and families to achieve their fertility and family-building goals remains our top priority at Illume Fertility. Joining The Fertility Partners network has enabled more collaboration with leading physicians and centers to provide world-class patient experiences and outcomes.

Dr. Cynthia Murdock

MD, FACOG, Partner, Illume Fertility

We’ve been absolutely thrilled with the benefits we’ve experienced as a TFP partner clinic. Just about every area of our clinic has seen improvements, whether it’s supporting the advancement of new technologies, strategic sourcing of supplies or building best practices through collaboration with the network’s REIs and embryologist. The support that TFP provides allows us to deepen our focus on patient-centred care continually.

Dr. Jason Hitkari

MD, FRCSC, Co-Founder & Co-Director of Olive Fertility Centre

We’re excited to be part of The Fertility Partners! The network of fertility clinics brings together an unparalleled level of expertise that facilitates the sharing of experiences and the improvement of treatments. All partner clinics can now provide access to new technologies and participate in leading research protocols. In addition, TFP provides us with significant administrative support which allows clinicians to devote themselves to the well-being of those who consult us.

Francois Bissonnette

MD, FRCSC, Medical Director, clinique ovo

Finding a partner with a similar value-set who could help us to improve our capabilities, and ultimately, patient experiences and outcomes was critical to us. In joining The Fertility Partners network, we feel even more confident in this pursuit through collaboration with leading physicians and centers. We are energized by their culture of collaboration and plan to leverage that to take advantage of ongoing advancements in medical discovery and technology that help us create enhancements in treatment for patients.

Dr. Mark Leondires

MD, FACOG, Partner, Medical Director & Founder, Illume Fertility

Capabilities We Deliver

The Fertility Partners works with our network clinics to solve some of their biggest challenges. The investments and capabilities we deliver through our collaborative platform bring practices significant value and help them improve operations, patient experiences, and outcomes.

Research and Development

Embryology Lab Investment

Operational Excellence

Top-Line Growth

Labour Management

Strategic Resourcing

Back Office Support

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