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We are committed to your growth, and we want you to thrive. We invest in our people, their professional growth, and they are rewarded with competitive compensation.

Together we are passionate about empowering our team and sharing the passion of delivering unparalleled fertility care to patients and helping them achieve their dreams of parenthood.

Opportunities at TFP Head Office & Partner Clinics

Embryology Internship Program

The Embryology Internship Program offers a comprehensive, paid, one year program across all modules of embryology at our state-of-the-art labs located in Quebec City and Vancouver. This program includes hands-on training from some of the best embryologists in Canada, for candidates that have a biology, physiology, or life-sciences background who are considering future employment in the field of embryology. 

Upon completing this program you will be front of line for placement opportunities within our partner network of clinics across the country. 

TFP Quick Facts

Where is TFP headquartered?

The TFP Head Office is located in Toronto, Ontario.

What is the culture like at TFP?

Inclusion, transparency, and commitment to the team and each other. We are committed to fostering a truly exceptional work environment for our growing team, creating solutions and supporting the most cherished dreams of our patients.

What should I expect during the TFP recruitment process?

Our commitment to accessibility, and a further commitment to treating all applicants (internal or external) with the lens of diversity, equity and inclusion, ensuring all candidates are assessed based completely on their background and not who they are, and also that they demonstrate a commitment to treat people with dignity and respect.

Are virtual roles available?

Yes. Roles are case by case and include a hybrid model.