Our people

The Fertility Partners team is composed of fertility and business thought leaders who work collaboratively with our partner practices to improve the overall clinic performance, the patient experience, clinic processes and outcomes.

Our leadership team

Dr. Andrew Meikle
Founder and Executive Chairman
Derek Larkin
Derek Larkin
Chief Executive Officer
al yuzpe
Dr. Al Yuzpe
Chief Medical Officer
steve yuzpe
Steve Yuzpe
President and Chief Financial Officer
catherine mckinnon
Catherine McKinnon
Chief Human Resources Officer
stephanie holdsworth
Stephanie Holdsworth
Chief Legal Officer
dr dan nayot
Dr. Dan Nayot
Medical Director
Dr. Salah Abdelgadir
Dr. Salah Abdelgadir
Chief Scientific Officer
dr jacques kadoch
Dr. Jacques Kadoch
Director of Research

Our partner clinics

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Important principles that guide us

Our Vision

To empower and enable our partner clinicians, researchers, and their teams in the pursuit of world-class clinical outcomes and unparalleled patient journeys. We are advancing the capabilities of the global fertility field using strategic relationships, innovation, data mining, and evidence-based science and technology.

Our Mission

We are the business partner of choice for distinguished fertility practices and clinicians across North America. With strategic expertise, collaboration and back-office resources, The Fertility Partners empowers clinicians and their teams to focus their time and energy on what matters most—delivering the best fertility medicine, providing exceptional personalized care and helping to fulfill patients’ dreams of creating families.

Our Values


We collaborate on setting high standards for patient care, safety and well-being, including working together on clinical, R&D, and business objectives. 


We purposefully create an environment of compassionate belonging, valuing and treating everyone in our diverse community with respect, regardless of race, gender, disability, sexual orientation, age, or any other characteristic.


We work to sustain and improve our extended communities by wisely managing our human, natural, and material resources.


We invest in technological innovation and process improvements to transform how we serve our patients to improve clinical results and optimize the patient journey.


We strive for the highest standards and the best outcomes in the field.


We adhere to high moral principles and standards grounded in honesty, confidentiality, mutual trust, respect and transparency.


We will promote the welfare of others through the donation of time, money and energy.

Questions About Partnership?

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