September 21, 2020

The Fertility Partners Inc. Acquires Significant Minority Interest in Sequence46 Genetic Testing Laboratory

Toronto, ON: The Fertility Partners ("TFP") announced today that it has partnered with leading genetic testing laboratory Sequence46 in Los Angeles, California. This investment significantly expands the comprehensive services offered by its Canada-wide network of fertility clinics in the pursuit of global best IVF clinical outcomes and the healthiest babies.

The Fertility Partners works with world-class fertility clinics, providing access to shared medical, strategic and operational best practices, promoting research and development activities and offering extensive back-office support. Its goal is to foster global best clinical outcomes, an international reputation for excellence, and exceptional patient and employee experiences. The TFP partner model empowers physicians and their teams to focus on doing what they do best- provide the highest quality fertility medicine and patient services.

Says TFP's Founder, CEO & Executive Chairman Dr. Andrew Meikle, "we are very excited to partner with Catherine Welch and Sequence46, who align with our values and clinical objectives. With their evidence-based technology, we can improve the chance of pregnancy, reduce the risk of miscarriage, be more confident in transferring a single embryo (thereby avoiding health risks associated with twin or triplet pregnancies) and reduce the number of IVF cycles needed to achieve pregnancy. We see clear advantages for our patients in potentially reducing the time to pregnancy and the costs of extra cycles for our patients."

 Catherine Welch, Founder and CEO of Sequence46 (S46), states, "we are thrilled for The Fertility Partners to join the Sequence46 family as we continue to grow genetic testing in the Canadian market. The leadership of The Fertility Partners is well respected, and we look forward to working closely with them. It is through collaboration, patient education and multi-site R&D with TFP that we will be able to improve access to testing and success rates of infertility treatment while offering best in class care at their network of IVF centers across the country."

 Dr. Gary Nakhuda, a co-founder of Olive Fertility Centre and The Fertility Partners Manager of S46, states, "since its inception, Sequence46 has developed relationships and shared R&D with a network of the best IVF labs in North America to deliver the most innovative and cutting-edge genetic testing while providing the best value for patients. The TFP investment ushers an exciting new phase in fertility services as patients in Canada can now access the most advanced preimplantation genetic diagnostics and emerging new technologies such as non-invasive PGT-A."

About Sequence46

Sequence46 is a Los Angeles, CA based leading CAP-certified genetic testing laboratory founded by experts in fertility, embryology and genetics, who are committed to offering comprehensive patient care using the latest science and best-in-class technology. They are extremely passionate about innovation and research in the field of reproductive genetics. The goal of S46 is to improve IVF outcomes and help families have healthy babies through their preimplantation genetic testing (PGT) offerings.  For more information, please visit