April 14, 2021

The Fertility Partners Rolls Out EngagedMD Patient Engagement Platform Across its Growing Network

Washington, April 14, 2021: The Fertility Partners ("TFP"), Canada's leading network of fertility practices, announced today an agreement to roll out EngagedMD’s fertility patient engagement platform across their network.

Since launching in 2019, The Fertility Partners has grown to 9 clinics with full IVF laboratories, across 20 locations in 5 provinces, representing nearly a quarter of all fertility treatments performed in Canada. As a world-class business partner of choice for leading fertility clinics across North America, The Fertility Partners aims to support its partner clinics by collaborating on medical, strategic, and operational best practices, investing in new technologies, promoting research and development, and offering synergistic back-office support. Their collaboration with EngagedMD is the latest way they are delivering on this promise.

“EngagedMD’s digital patient education, engagement, and consenting platform will enable the TFP clinics to operate more efficiently, while simultaneously improving the patient experience,” says TFP Founder, CEO & Executive Chairman, Dr. Andrew Meikle.

EngagedMD’s software platform enables practices to remotely educate patients throughout the entire fertility journey and digitally and securely manage all patient paperwork and consent forms, responsibilities which traditionally rely on manual processes. “Demand for fertility care continues to grow, but capacity constraints limit patients’ access to care and practices’ potential business growth,” says Jeff Issner, EngagedMD Co-Founder and Co-CEO. “We’re thrilled to partner with TFP to help alleviate the burden of redundant manual tasks on their doctors, nurses, and other clinic staff, allowing them to provide the highest level of care to more patients.”

As part of EngagedMD’s rollout to TFP’s four Quebec-based clinic sites, EngagedMD will be translating their entire platform and content library into French, a first for the Washington, D.C.-based software company. “About half of all fertility patients in the US and UK interact with EngagedMD during their journey, and we’re excited to expand our Canadian footprint with TFP,” says Issner.