May 3, 2022

The Fertility Partners Presents at Bloom Burton & Co. Healthcare Investor Conference

TORONTO, ON The Fertility Partners (TFP) Founder, CEO & Executive Chairman Dr. Andrew Meikle presented today at the Bloom Burton & Co Healthcare Investor Conference in Toronto, addressing the growing North American fertility market.

The Canadian and US fertility markets are large, and they are growing—estimated at a combined $9 billion [1] - but they are fragmented, and few platforms have significant share representing an opportunity for consolidation. Further, the US and Canada are behind most of the developed world in number of cycles of IVF per million population.  Canada has the least number of cycles per million people at 944 and the US has 1005.  These, compared to Spain with 3000 and Australia with more than 2500[2], represent a significant opportunity for growth.

There is also a growing need.  An estimated one in six couples require fertility services.[3] This is due to cultural shifts such as same-sex marriages, single parenting, and people choosing to have children later in life. It is also bolstered by an increase in access resulting from a rise in government and employee reimbursement for fertility services.

“At TFP, we partner with the leading clinics across North America, and we collaborate to advance the profession.” says Dr. Meikle. “We are raising the bar with every new partner that joins our network. The shared learnings, insights, and experience from our 36 locations are shaping new opportunities to support patients, creating better patient experiences, and improving outcomes.”

Founded in 2019, The Fertility Partners is comprised of leading fertility practices across North America with 36 fertility centers (12 full IVF labs). In the US, The Fertility Partners operates 5 centers under one brand. In Canada, TFP is across 6 provinces representing more than 30% of the market cycles. TFP provides a model that allows partners access to medical and clinical thought partners, innovative technologies, and operational efficiencies to enhance patient journeys and improve outcomes.

The Fertility Partners differentiated partner strategy and model was developed to align with like-minded practitioners who are looking for sustainable long-term growth and opportunity. TFP ensures its practices scale efficiently through ongoing investment in innovative technologies, access to state-of-the-art equipment, promotion of research and professional development, and resources to facilitate more efficient and productive back-office operations. TFP empowers physicians and their teams to focus on what they do best – providing the highest quality medicine and personalized fertility treatment experience.

[1],2 CDC. ART Success Rates (ART) Data. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Published 2019. Accessed April 22, 2022
[3] Thoma ME, McLain AC, Louis JF, et al. Prevalence of infertility in the United States as estimated by the current duration approach and a traditional constructed approach. Fertility and Sterility. Published January 3, 2013. Accessed April 22, 2022.   

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